Current form

In order to deliver our system wide priorities we have convened a number of groups with representation from all health and care organisations within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Executive Delivery Group 
Meeting since 2016, this is a monthly opportunity for all of the chief executives of our organisations to come together. The chief executives focus on the strategic direction of the system, ensuring that we capitalise on economies of scale, share learning and work towards a health and care system that is amongst the best in the world.

Clinical Executive Group 
This group was established to ensure strong clinical involvement from GP surgeries, primary care, community care and secondary care and enable them to meet to discuss, address and consider a range of clinical issues. The terms of reference for this group can be found here.

As we move towards becoming an integrated care system (ICS), the terms of reference and the purpose of both these meetings will be reviewed.


Future plans

NHS England have begun to provide increasing levels of clarity about what they expect from an ICS, alongside the fact that they expect all STPs to move into an ICS footing by 2021. However, given the local and regional variation throughout the country, there is considerable scope for each STP to design its own structures, produce its own plans and establish how it will work to deliver the requirements of the Long Term Plan. As an example, we can consider what a Partnership Board for the ICS would look like:


"Comprehensive ICS coverage including a partnership board, drawn from and representing commissioners, trusts, primary care networks, and – with the clear expectation that they will wish to participate – local authorities, the voluntary and community sector and other partners."

- NHS Long Term Plan

Meeting Dates & Papers

It is our intention that, as we move towards becoming an integrated care system, we will formalise our meeting arrangements and publish meeting dates, agendas, papers and other documents.

In the meantime, the Executive Delivery Group will meet on the following dates with considerable focus on the development of our integrated care system and delivery of our strategic objectives:

8 January 2020

5 February 2020

4 March 2020