Since 2016 we have been on a journey from the original sustainability plan written in 2016 towards a genuinely integrated care system.

Our aim is that, in April 2021, we will be able to formally launch the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System (ICS) and use new ways of working to enable our staff to deliver health and care services to our population in a joined up way.

2016: What was in our original Sustainability and Transformation Plan?
Click on the link above to view our original ST Plan, written in 2016 and submitted to NHS England.

2017: What was delivered one year after the plan was published?
The ST Plan set out, amongst other things, how the transformation programmes would work to address Hampshire and Isle of Wight health and care priorities. One year on, the link above sets out some of the significant areas of progress that were made.

2018: What did the system reform proposal set out?
This is the pack that was reviewed and agreed in principle by all of our organisational boards in late 2018. The 46 pages set out our case for change in 2018 and proposed a new way of working which would move us towards an Integrated System.

2019: How are we responding to the Long Term Plan?
The NHS published its Long Term Plan in early 2019 and all STPs/ICSs were asked to detail how they plan to deliver the key commitments. We are currently undertaking a number of events to describe these plans to our local population and seek their feedback. When we've finalised our plan and submitted it to NHS England, we'll publicise it on our website.

2020: The future is...