The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) was established as part of a national process to bring local NHS organisations and councils together to work in partnership. Made up of the statutory health and care organisations in the area, we have been developing ways to support local people’s knowledge on how to stay well whilst making sure we provide safe, high quality, consistent and affordable health and care for our population.

Background to the STP

In 2016, we were asked to produce a Sustainability and Transformation Plan, aimed at tackling priority areas, transforming outcomes, improving patient satisfaction and delivering financial sustainability.

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Building on local plans and proposals to improve health and care, we identified a number of key areas upon which we could focus, as a wider health and care system, in order to achieve more for local people.

NHS England has now mandated that all of the 44 STPs established across England in 2016 develop into Integrated Care Systems (ICS) by April 2021. An ICS is a more formal way of creating local partnerships to improve health and care. It will allow our NHS organisations and local councils to join forces in a more structured way to coordinate services around the needs of the local population, achieving more and in quicker time. The overarching aim of an ICS is to support you and your loved ones to live a healthier life and get the care and treatment that you need, in the right place and at the right time.

To do this, the organisations that make up the ICS will take collective responsibility for managing resources, delivering NHS standards and improving the health of the population across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. By June 2019, almost a third of England was covered by an established ICS (the blue areas highlighted on this map) and we are planning to move to this more formal approach  by April 2021.