Southampton and south west Hampshire is an area with a diverse and vibrant population.  With an ageing population, we are seeing that many people with ongoing health condition such as diabetes, heart disease, and breathing problems.  We also have a number of communities that do not fare as well or who face additional barriers to accessing health services, due to differences in deprivation.  As a result, we have different organisations providing services in varying ways and to our different communities sometimes meaning that people are not always receiving the same level of high quality care.

University Hospital Southampton provides particularly specialised, complex, and often highly invasive, medical and surgical services. Given their complexity (and cost), many of these services are provided to the whole population of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (and further afield).  As a result, our local system takes in to account the balance that UHS have to make on a daily basis, between providing the quality services that the local population deserve against their position as specialist providers of complex services.

Close working relationships with local authorities are also important in Southampton and south west Hampshire with the clinical commissioning groups working closely with Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council.